Therapy disguised as fun. 

Ride with CART

CART serves children and adults (ages 4 and above) with a range of special needs including but not limited to:

  • Autism,

  • Cerebral palsy,

  • Spinal cord/brain injuries,


  • Stroke,

  • Cognitive defects,

  • Muscular dystrophy,

  • Amputations,

  • Spina bifida,

  • Learning disabilities,

  • Hearing/speech/visual impairments,

  • PTSD/Vetrans

  • Many other emotional and physical disorders

Benefits of therapeutic horseback riding

Working with horses contributes to riders’ physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being.  Riding a horse transmits the same motion to the hips that we use when walking, stimulating the same nerves and muscles.  This, in turn, promotes core strength, posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility.  Horses are large, sometimes intimidating animals that are sensitive to human emotions and respond to both verbal and non-verbal communication.  These qualities challenge riders to overcome issues of fear, self-confidence, trust, honesty, and patience.  Riders develop a relationship with their horse and volunteers, and in the process learn important lessons about responsibility, respect for others, accountability, and communication.  All of this while having fun!



 Sessions are conducted during the year; spring, summer, and fall. Hour long therapeutic riding lessons are given by a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) certified instructor (  

One to three volunteers are paired with each rider (as needed), with four to five riders participating in each class.  CART accepts riders age 4 and up.  The cost of one 8-week session is $280 or a 6-week session for $210.  Please contact us about options for scholarships that might be available. 

Our Events Calendar has updated lesson information, or contact us at 434-823-1178.

Location-The CART barn is located at 5924 Fried Farm Road, Crozet, Virginia.  


Click the video below to watch "Walk On" a short documentary film by Kristin Twiford featuring the students, families, instructors and volunteers at CART!